According to a study, cats follow their owners with their ears when they can’t follow them with their eyes. In the study, it was stated that cats map out where they are in their minds through their ears to follow their owners. sekurigi
Cats are generally cute with their behavior and behavior, but some of their behaviors and features may seem crazy to us. One of these features is the mind mapping system that cats use for tracking. Saho Takagi, a doctoral student from Kyodo University in Japan, revealed an interesting feature of cats in his study of cats’ hearing.

According to the research, when cats can’t follow their owners with their eyes, they use their ears to mentally map the owner’s whereabouts and continue to follow even if they are out of sight. “I saw a cat with only one of its ears bent back and listening to the sound behind it, which made me feel like cats should be perceiving a lot more than just sounds,” Takagi said in a statement on the research. malla espaldera

For the research, Takagi and his team put the cats to the test. The responses of the test cats, which were observed at home and in the cage, were examined by listening to the voices of their owners via a loudspeaker. Cats responded with ear and head movements to the sounds on the speakers placed where the cats could not see them. In reviews, it has been observed that cats are startled when their owners’ voices cross into another room.


Based on this review and observations, the researchers found that cats create maps in their minds through sound to locate their owners. “It is generally believed that cats do not care about their owners as much as dogs, but it turns out that they picture their owners’ invisible presence in their minds,” Takagi said. Stating that cats care more about their owners than they think, Takagi stated that this mapping feature in cats is a talent on the basis of creativity and imagination.