Turkish football

Technology shows its effect not only on the field, but also outside the field. Media and sports relations have gained a different dimension now. Social media also got involved. How would you interpret the relationship between new media and football?


The media in Turkey revolves around ratings. The author draws and tells what the audience wants to hear. There is no neatness in this. In order to give the right information, it is necessary to be in touch with the media. Looking at the end of the match, the questions asked are different. Fatih Terim is asked different questions, Ömer Erdoğan is asked different questions. Almost every question is asked according to the character of the coach. Is there such a thing? You can’t block social media. I haven’t bought newspapers for years, I follow them on social media and applications.

You receive up-to-date and instant information. Everyone there is free to express their opinion, positive or negative, hey, we even criticize God. You know very well what is wrong and right. You take those who will guide you on social media very seriously, and you skip the others.

Not to mention the sports agenda.

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Lastly, you coached a team last season, will we see you on the field again? We have even read the Fenerbahce allegations against you lately…
Social media has now become a measure. We become a trend topic 1-2 times a week. People like us everywhere, saying ‘Come to Beşiktaş, come to Galatasaray, come to Fenerbahce’.

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Fenerbahce and Beşiktaş are the most up-to-date at the moment because they do not have a coach and are in search. Their fans are also talking about us. We also have friends on the board of directors with whom we are close. Of course, we talk when we meet somewhere. I do not know the agenda of the managers of Fenerbahçe, but the name of Yılmaz Vural is very prominent in the agenda of Fenerbahçe fans. Of course, the managers who choose it. But those selectors should not forget that; I don’t know how correct the things are.

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Of course, we desire Fenerbahçe very much, and we have been saying it for years, ‘Let’s work, we can do it’. When choosing a coach, popularity and name are taken into account, and foreigners are of great interest to them. I can’t understand this. I also evaluate myself by going back to the past. I am the second most experienced coach in Turkey’s official match management count. First Senol Gunes. I managed 780-odd matches without being idle for a year, and these are not the neighborhood teams, but the teams of the Turkish leagues.

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We have always struggled with difficult conditions and economic impossibilities and came here. I did not become Yılmaz Vural by coaching a great team. I graduated from two universities, I come from professional football, I have a foreign language, I have European culture. From time to time, we make jokes that “I also have German citizenship”. They never say our name on important assignments, that’s another case. I am one of the rare people in Turkey who came to a place with knowledge. A survey is being conducted in Turkey, and I am among the 5 most loved and trusted people. So what’s the reason they don’t let us in here?

“We are always ambitious. They don’t give me a chance, they take a chance themselves.”
No one gives you the value you deserve. Managers and players do not want to be managed, they do not want to work with a dominant coach. When it gets stuck, then they say, ‘Sir, come’. Of course, it is difficult, it is not easy. Some you succeed, some do not. I play good football, I say from time to time that I can orgasm 50 thousand fans and take them to the field. There is something we are thinking about when we say this. This is not something to be said out of the blue. We are always assertive, we do, we succeed. They don’t give me a chance, they take chances themselves. What chance will it give me, I have come to this age and I have always worked in 30 teams for 36 years. I worked more than once in some teams, there are places that we repeat. Is it possible for someone else in this country more experienced than me to be in football?

“You see, Stefan brings Kuntz, Mr. Hamit. Bring it, good luck” We’ve come to this age, it’s a pity. Something will disappear before it finds its value. I’m sorry for it, but the rabbit is upset with the mountain and the mountain doesn’t know. You see, Stefan brings Kuntz, Hamit Bey (Hamit Altıntop). Bring it, good luck. It’s a shame. As a Turkish living in Germany, I am one of 3-4 people among German coaches. Germany values ​​us, they do not. Let someone go to study abroad, if it’s easy, let them come and see. I am a worker’s child. I went to the sports academy by my own means, worked until the morning and wanted physical activity the next day, I finished a school, not with a song like that, but from scratch. They gave me the right to participate directly in the pro-license just because I finished with a good grade. Germans do this. That’s rare. I am the first pro-license man in Turkey in 1993 and they say, ‘Yılmaz is doing somersaults, I don’t know what he is doing’. This is entertainment, people come to have fun. Despite all my good intentions and efforts, I am sad.